Who is Giselle Ibarra?

 Giselle Mariel Ibarra, is a 27 year old Mexican self-taught painter, entrepreneur and visionary. Born in Tijuana, Mexico 1996; Ibarra brings rooted influence to exploring subconscious imagery and daydreams displayed in her work. Through metaphorical expression, utilizing nature with a twist of surrealism, Ibarra not only embodies bringing forth art that introduces the viewer to merge the conscious to subconscious — she also evokes deep thought into creating physical products from her mind. Ibarra is not limited to just using the medium of oil to produce visual art, she also explores the depth of visual life to create unique items under her brand Clouds. 

As a Mexican artist her background and upbringing play a big influence in her work — Ibarra grew up in Tijuana, Baja California before migrating to the States at the age of 5. Coming from a bigger struggling family of 6, she spent most of her alone time as a child daydreaming to "mute" out the noise. This habit later led her to exploring her subconscious mind and she began drawing surrealistic pencil images at the age of 14 as a form of escapism. Ibarra grew up searching for the meaning of life, feeling a great sense of longing. She then later discovered the medium of acrylics to express her thoughts, which rose a deep sense of "connection" in her life and exploration of dreams beyond our physical dimension. This feeling is heavily influenced in her artworks.
At the age of 18, Ibarra was weighted in her own questioning. She embarked on many journeys experimenting with physical mediums that she felt would open her spiritual connection to life. This brought forth a need for longing in the world, which then later pushed her to unexpectedly become a mother at the age of 20. Simultaneously, Ibarra began painting to explore the feeling of "isolation" that accompanied her throughout her youth life, becoming present, yet again   in her early stages of motherhood. This is is when her artistic pursuit began.
Between the ages of 20 to 21, Ibarra embarked on a deep healing journey which rooted her into becoming a self taught artist. While also evoking a need to share her art, Ibarra began selling small physical copies of her work through an independent brand she later created known as "Sincerely Art." That spark, led her to exploring a medium beyond paint to bring forth ideas she had. But It wasn't until the age of 22, back in 2018; that she became an entrepreneur.
Her individual entrepreneurship, produced a brand under "Sincerely Art." Sincerely Art was a online art shop ran from the years of 2019-2023 where she created/developed many unique products such as one of her best sellers: Cloud Purses. These limited edition items, and many creations she manifested, boosted her from earning a liveable wage, to initiating/solely funding the start of her now brand Clouds, established in 2024. Clouds is now in the early stages of development, but Ibarra plans on turning Clouds into a multi-million dollar enterprise, where the brand will later assist other artists aspiring for the same thing: to become owners of their own dreams. As the intention and slogan for Clouds is "DREAM BIG."
Ibarra has now achieved becoming a best selling/well-known artist through her own personal works and her previous brand, "Sincerely Art." She continues to move forward with this new pursuit "Clouds," as a medium of exploring any daydream possible and bringing it to physical reality. Clouds is intended to become a well established known name, and the movement has just begun. 
"It is important to sustain the things that fill you up inside. Art to me will forever be something i'm growing into — well, because   it isn't me, I am the vessel to something greater that continues expanding. I really just want to inspire. I want people to know that they aren't alone, that the dreams they have can become a reality. I just want people to feel like it doesn't matter where you are in life, where you came from.. you can too. Clouds symbolizes that space.